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Toronto Pan Am Sports Centre 2023 Giving Tuesday Fundraising Event

Steve Mccormack

Toronto Pan Am Sports Centre 2023 Giving Tuesday Fundraising Event

Hi Friends,

Please join the Toronto Pan Am Sports Centre by donating to our community partner, Canadian Tire Jumpstart Charities, on #givingtuesday.

The Toronto Pan Am Sports Centre, with financial support from Canadian Tire Jumpstart Charities, has helped over 1,800 youth from Scarborough participate in the Learn to Train program since 2016. In 2021, we expanded our relationship with Jumpstart by launching the Girls in Sport program, which has involved over 200 girls from Scarborough high schools to-date. Both programs are facilitated by the Sports Academy in a safe and inclusive environment at TPASC.

The Learn to Train program, which started with two schools and 50 students participating in the first year, has grown to 20 schools and/or groups, and 500 youth participating in 2023. The program helps eliminate financial barriers by inviting youth from priority neighbourhoods in Scarborough to participate. The program provides six weeks of physical and health literacy training that is not available in elementary school that helps youth learn new skills, build confidence, and boost their self-esteem. It also provides them with knowledge to make educated choices about the role physical education and sports can play as they enter high school.

The Girls in Sport program was created to address a need identified by physical education teachers in Scarborough high schools who have difficulty keeping girls in sports and physical education. Research confirmed the teachers needs by showing that barriers exist in sport that are causing 1 in 3 girls to drop out by adolescence. The program helps remove those barriers as evidenced by statements from two girls from Woburn CI that participated in the program this Spring. “This program had a profound effect on me as it encouraged me to engage in physical activity at least once a week, provided me with motivation, and positively contributed to my overall well-being.” “The program made me feel more confident and made me believe in myself by convincing me that I can do anything if I work hard. The program also inspired me to keep doing physical exercise to stay strong physically and mentally.”

November 28, 2023, is #givingtuesday. Please consider donating to Canadian Tire Jumpstart Charities because one hundred percent of the money donated goes towards helping youth stay active and play sports. That means any donations made through your online donation not only benefit youth located in Toronto but will also help provide opportunities at TPASC as well.

Please hit the “donate” button to make a secure online donation and give youth a sporting chance.

Thanks for your support,

Toronto Pan Am Sports Centre


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