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Canadian Ice Cross Federation

David Pereira

Canadian Ice Cross Federation

The federation was incorporated on March 2, 2021. It aims to promote the sport across Canada, develop new athletes of all ages.
The Federation will have a website where one can find all the information for the next seasons, the athletes, the accommodation partners, the sponsors and the training sites.

The mission of the Canadian Ice Cross Federation is to find agreements with the provinces, cities, ski hills to host future events and in order to have accessible training sites during the winter seasons. She will contact indoor centers such as TAZ (Montreal), THE YARD (Ottawa) and JOYRIDE150 (Toronto) in order to have practice periods designated for ice cross athletes that want to practice/develop their skills. The Federation will take steps to find sponsors or discounts for the equipment of athletes such as with CCM, Bauer, FOX, sportswear companies, protective equipment ... If you have ideas or contacts of companies that would like to become sponsors, please let us know.

The Federation's vision for the future is to create an amateur sports league (ATSX 100) in Canada in order to eventually make teams of all ages for the development of the sport, to create seasons, events specific to Canadian athletes (small Canadian event) and with partners the ATSX also to organize international events.

The values of the Federation are team spirit, integrity, athlete satisfaction, ambition, determination, perseverance and ultimately passion for sport.


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