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Donate here now, see a change

Noah Brenton

Noah Brenton

Hello everyone!

Please join me in supporting kids through Canadian Tire Jumpstart Charities. 

Jumpstart helps kids facing financial and accessibility barriers access sport and play. Since 2005, Jumpstart has helped over 2.4 million kids across the country get involved in activities like hockey, soccer, swimming and ballet.  

Please support me by hitting the “donate” button to make a secure online donation.

Together, we can help kids learn new skills, build confidence, and boost their self-esteem. Every dollar of your donation helps them get into the game!

Sports bring kids and communities together! My goal is to make a pact to raise money so kids can play sports! I will accept ALL donation amounts! From 1 cent to 100,000$!

Okay, picture this! You are a parent at home and you have a sweet child! they come asking to be signed up for a sport! Unfortunatly, there may be a reason or two you cannot sign him/her up. If you want to possibly make your childs dream come true, an online donation would be greatly accepted! By donating online, you may help your kid, and if not yours, another kid, possibly in your community! If you would like to bring some light to children in the form of sports, please! Donate Today, And See A Change.

Thanks Friends, Please, donate now and see a change in the world of sports! - Noah Brenton 2024


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