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Swim Like a Girl Lake Erie Swim Fundraising Page

Becky Yuan

Swim like a girl 2022

Hi Friends,

My name is Becky Yuan.

I am planning to swim across Lake Erie towards the end of July! Weather window is July 18-28, 2022.

My why is to show girls to not be afraid to go after big dreams and goals. Nothing is impossible when you have the right attitude and proper planning. Hard work, perseverance and the belief in themselves is what will make them capable. I only started swimming 5 years ago! In that 5 years, I learned to swim, and am now a marathon swimmer, and coach.

This is all in support of Jumpstart Keeping Girls in Sports program.
"Studies have repeatedly shown that girls drop out of sports at a much higher rate than boys. At Jumpstart, we're empowering them to stay engaged for life, so they can grow into strong leaders in their communities."

This swim will be to promote girls in sports. Girls empowerment. Girls equality in sports.

A joint effort with my crew Eric D'Arcy of Limitless Coaching, Miguel Vadillo of Embrace Open Water swimming, and support from the Cobra swim club in Brampton. A first class swim club who have produced world class swimmers. Every summer, the Cobra swim club work with the Boys and Girls Club in Brampton who receive grants every summer from Jumpstart to teach young boys and girls to swim. Together, we will be using my training and the swim across the lake to inspire young girls to strive for their own personal goals.

Please support me by hitting the “donate” button to make a secure online donation.

Together, we can help kids learn new skills, build confidence, and boost their self-esteem. Every dollar of your donation helps them get into the game!

Becky Yuan

Its DONE !!! Lake Erie Crossing was a success! Thank you for everyone's support for Keeping girls in sports!


We are currently waiting for the weather window to go. Waves, wind, and weather is constantly changing. nothing will be confirmed until 12 hours before go time. Stay tuned!!


raised of $5,000 goal

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