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Counting Beans & Days Off!

Bean Guessing

Hi Team Coombs,

This one's a game changer!

Guess how many beans are in the jar. For every $10 donated, you will get 2 guesses. Please email your guesses to Kelsi.Barkway@cantire.com with the subject line "Bean Guessing".

The teapot will be placed in the lunch room of 2180 on the 13th floor, South, if you would like to take a look in person! Digital pictures were also shared in an email from Kelsi on Friday June 17.

You can purchase as many guesses as you choose, but donations to this page have to match up with the number of guesses you submit.
We will play Price is Right rules, so the person who guesses the closest to the correct number without going over wins!!!

If the total donations for this challenge reach $750, every person that made a donation will receive a day off for a Group win!


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