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Hi Team!

I am excited to announce that June is E4J fundraising month. Lets all get involved, have some fun and donate to a worthy cause!

100% of all donations will be donated to the Jumpstart campaign!

Our group have a target of $1,500 and if this target is reached, Mario has agreed that all participants who donated $25 or more, will go into a draw and the winner will receive a day off.

There will be a few activities during June to help us reach this target.

Planned fundraising activities:

• NHL & Golf game (watch your email for the picks sheet)
• Kahoots trivia game
• Auction
• Various activities across the group.

Keep an eye on your email and workplace for more information on the games!

All donations can be made directly form this page! $10 donation gets you access to the NHL/Golf or Kahoots game.

Anonymous donations can also be made, but obviously you wont be added to the game.

Lets have some fun!

Jumpstart helps kids facing financial and accessibility barriers access sport and play. Since 2005, Jumpstart has helped over 2.4 million kids across the country get into organized sports.  

Please support me by hitting the “donate” button to make a secure online donation.

Together, we can help kids learn new skills, build confidence, and boost their self-esteem. Every dollar of your donation helps kids get into the game!


raised of $1,500 goal

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