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Demetri's AVP Challenge Page!

Demetri Sophianopoulos

Demetri's Donation Page

Hi Everyone!!

Did you ever wonder what would Demetri look like if he were to dance???

To Spice things up we’re running a fundraising challenge for our AVPs! Who can raise the most money?
Will it be Constance, Chris, Kevin, or Demetri?

Eat a cupcake with no hands - 4th place
Spice or Sour Challenge – 3rd place
Ice Bucket dump – 2nd place
TikTok Dance – 1st place

And as extra incentive, the individuals that donate to the winning AVP get to choose which TikTok Dance the AVP has to do!
You’ll also get a tax receipt for your donation to these challenges 😉

Maybe Demetri would look something like this??
JUST MAKE IT HAPPEN. DONATE NOW to see Demetri Dance!!


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