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SVP Challenge - Dunk Tank Raffle

Jamieson Smith

SVP Challenge - Dunk Tank Raffle

Hi Friends,

This year’s SVP challenge is a DUNK TANK !!! Not only will we be able to watch our fearless SVP being dunked, but we are also giving everyone a chance to win the to honour of being the person who throws the ball at the target to dunk Micheline (Don’t worry we have confirmed that there will be no repercussions 😊).

To take part in this raffle please see below rules:

- The raffle will take place in a “spin the wheel” format. Each ticket that you buy will add your name to the wheel (e.g. if you buy 6 tickets, your name will be added 6 times). On June 30th we will spin the wheel to find out who the lucky 3 winners are

- In addition to the 3 winners, the person who buys the most tickets, will be a guaranteed winner and will be the first person to perform the dunk 😊. (please note this person will be excluded from the raffle since they will be a guaranteed winner)

- $10 for 1 ticket, $25 for 3 tickets or $45 for 6 tickets

- Please make donations by EOD June 28th at the latest

- The dunking will take place on July 21st at our Automotive Social Event. Don’t worry if you are unable to make it, we will make sure we take lots of videos!!


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