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The Real Three Musketeers

The Real Three Musketeers

Hi Friends,

We are having a “friendly” competition with our VP in the Supply Chain Technology team to see who can raise the most money for this great cause. It is a battle of the titans, with we “Three Musketeers” Fouad Chalabi, Katy Kwong and Sanjeev Gupta all teaming up to raise funds against our VP Ryan O'Connor. Whoever wins by raising the most money, gets to select a consequence for the losing team.

We welcome any suggestions on what the consequence can be. Examples of proposed options include the following:

Showcase his / her high school photo as their virtual background during a future full staff meeting

Create and perform a Tik Tok Video to be shared at a future full team meeting

Wear a costume at a future full team meeting while hosting an icebreaker

Eat a cupcake with no hands at a future full team meeting

As added incentive, if we surpass our fundraising goal of $5000, all of us are subject to a consequence. So the more we raise, the more fun for all! 😊

Thank you very much in advance for your support,

The Real Three Musketeers
"Fouad Chalabi, Katy Kwong and Sanjeev Gupta"


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