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Jeopardy for E4J

James Ankrah

Jeopardy for E4J

Hi Team,

Have you ever sat on the couch, watching Jeopardy (or any trivia show), and noticed yourself knowing the answers to the questions?

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be in a trivia challenge?

If you answered 'YES" to any of the above, then this challenge is the one you've been waiting for. Get ready to show everyone your Canadian Tire knowledge by participating in the CTC version of JEOPARDY! Make a Jumpstart donation today to compete in this Jeopardy-style trivia challenge based on all things Canadian Tire.

Round 1 – Friday, June 10th
Based on the # of participants, sub-groups will be formed, and the winner from each group will win a $50 gift card of your choice and move on to the final round on June 17th

Round 2 – Friday, June 17th
The winners from round 1 will play for the ultimate title of Grand Champ and win a $50 gift card of your choice AND “Shawn Farmer’s Pick” of an amazing bottle of wine from his collection.

Sign up by simply hitting the “donate” button here to make a secure online donation of $10 by 3pm on Thursday, June 9th. Once donated, you will be provided a timeslot for Round 1.

- Please make sure your donation is not anonymous. Your name is required to form the sub-groups
- 100% of all donations go to Jumpstart


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