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iWatch Raffle

Iwatch Raffle

iWatch Raffle

An iWatch is up for grabs from our friends at HCL!

Enter to win by donating below!

1 for $25
3 for $50
8 for $100

Your name will be added to a randomizer app which will pick a winner for this basket. Once a winner has been picked, we will contact you and you can pick out the watch you prefer!

If you buy 8 entries for $100, we'll add your name 8 times to the randomizer app.

How to purchase?
1- Click on the "Donate" button

2- Type how much you wish to donate (i.e., if you donate $25, we'll add your name 1 time into the randomizer/ $100 equals 8 entries / etc.)

3 - Do NOT check the boxes (it will help us identify who and how much you've donated). However, if you wish to remain anonymous, please send your donation receipt to hellen.koufakis@cantire.com.

Draw date: first week of July (exact date to be announced)

Leave a comment, and we'll get back to you


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