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Jonathan: Challenge Accepted!

Brooke Verbeek

Jonathan: Challenge Accepted!

Hi Friends,

To fundraise for Jumpstart, our AVPs and VP will be participating in a spicy food and Beanboozled challenge at the Summer Party on Friday :)

Jumpstart helps kids facing financial and accessibility barriers access sport and play. Since 2005, Jumpstart has helped over 2.4 million kids across the country get into organized sports.

Please support by hitting the “donate” button to make a secure online donation. Each level of donation unlocks a new challenge that Jonathan will have to complete at the Summer Party!

$50 unlocks the first level of the spicy food challenge – HOT
$100 unlocks the second level – HOTTER
$150 unlocks the third level - HOTTEST
$200 unlocks Hot Wings – Armageddon
$250 unlocks half a box of Beanboozled challenge (yum, dessert! 😉)
$500 spares Jonathan from having to participate in any tier

Together, we can help kids learn new skills, build confidence, and boost their self-esteem. Every dollar of your donation helps kids get into the game!


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