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My Partcon 2022 Page

Jackie George

Jackie George

July 10-16th 16 Ctc dealer wives participated in our Partcon Trek. We worked really hard to raise money for Jumpstart kids. We hiked beautiful Gros Morne, NL. Hikes included: Green Gardens 12km, Bakers Brook Falls 10km, Tablelands 14km, Gros Morne Mountain, 17 km. Gros Morne boat tour 6 km.

Our Partcon Jumpstart mission Statement is "To physically and emotionally challenge ourselves outside of our comfort zone, in support and honor of our Jumpstart kids who face adversity everyday". 100% of the money we raise will stay in our local chapters. Jumpstart's core purpose is to enrich the lives of kids in financial need through sports and physical activity.

The Jumpstart program gives all kids a chance to get in the game. All kids deserve a chance to play.

Please help support me in my fundraising efforts and Our Jumpstart program by donating to my page.

Thank You !!!


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