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Rena Pittao

Rena Pittao


Once again I will be joining 16 other women to hike one of Canadas most beautiful landscapes in Gros Mourne, NFLD. Our Jumpstart Trek Vision Statement : " To physically and emotionally challenge ourselves outside of our comfort zone, in support and honour of our Jumpstart Kids who face challenges and adversity everyday"

After a 2 year pause in fundraising, support is needed more then ever to ensure every child has access to sports. 100% of funds raised will stay local and the first $2000 will be matched.

Please support me by hitting the “donate” button to make a secure online donation.

Together, we can help kids learn new skills, build confidence, leadership, teamwork and boost their self-esteem. Every dollar of your donation helps them get into the game!

Thank you so much. Rena


raised of $6,500 goal

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