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Marco Di Buono

Marco's #PedalForKids

For 17 years, Jumpstart has supported families in need and opened doors to sport and play for millions of kids across Canada. Implicit in our mission is that no kid should be left out of learning how to play a new sport or continuing with one they love.

The COVID-19 pandemic stripped away access far beyond what anyone could have imagined — and put the country’s grassroots sport and recreation organizations at risk. In fact, we calculated that in the first nine months of the pandemic alone, 1.5 million children living in low-income households lost over 277 million hours of sport participation – due to programs being closed or running at reduced capacity.

In 2022, I will be participating in Pedal for Kids! Pedal for Kids is an annual 5-day, 500km road cycling event that raises money for Canadian Tire Jumpstart Charities. Please join me in supporting kids through Jumpstart.


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