Spring Smash 2022


The SpringSmash event, presented by York1, is organized and implemented entirely by students in the Grade 12 McEwen Leadership Program at St. Andrew's College to raise funds for Jumpstart Charities. 

The entire school participates in a half-day of organized sport and festival activities to raise awareness and support for youth in need of an opportunity to participate in sport. 

This year's event is also sponsored by Xiaoshan Wuchan Group, Capital Infrastructure, Highland GM, Pool Craft, and BMR Management. 

The students at St. Andrew's College recognize that they are fortunate to participate in a wide variety of sports and extra-curricular activities, and they want to help provide these same opportunities to others so that they can enjoy the benefits of sport participation and the 'power of play' - leadership, friendship, self-esteem, and more. 

Every $100 raised gives 1 child a 'sporting change' to get in the game! 

Please support SpringSmash 2022 and help us to reach our fundraising goal! 

Date: May 26, 2022

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